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Greenland Pest Control offers lawn and shrub fertilization, along with indoor pest control in the Trinity area. To learn more about our services click below, or scroll to read about our services in the Trinity area.

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As an up an coming Tampa suburb, the town of Trinity is a very attractive place to live. It offers communities that are built within wildlife areas that allows for a very legitimate Floridian experience. Unfortunately these areas can be cause for pests in the residential homes and lawns.


    The majority of homes in the Trinity area are outfitted with St. Augustine grass which can make for a beautiful lawn if maintained properly. However, St. Augustine lawns are consistently plagued with a variety of issues whether they be disease, pest, or cultural practice related. In winter months there are widespread issues with brown patch fungus due to the cool weather. During the summer chinch bugs and grey leaf spot fungus are a common occurrence. One issue that persists regardless of the season is a failure by the home owners to follow the proper cultural practices and Integrated Pest Management practices (IPM). This includes watering the lawn sufficiently and at the correct time, cutting it at the correct height and so forth. 


    At Greenland we provide the perfect programs to combat all these issues and provide the customer with the ideal healthy lawn. We use specific chemical mixes for each season to combat the various disease and pest issues. We also provide instructions for each individual client to ensure the cultural practices are properly executed. 

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