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In-Wall Tube Treatment

        One of the best ways to protect your home against pests its to utilize your in-wall tube system. There are many areas where insects can gain access to the inside of your home. This pest control system adds another layer of protection to your pest defense. Most homes built in the last twenty years come equipped with these devices installed in the walls of the home. At Greenland we have the equipment and knowledge to help you take advantage of this pest control strategy. 

Does my home have a tube system?

    If your house was built in the early 2000s to present there is a good chance

that it does. A large majority of the commercially built development homes

in Florida have pest control systems pre installed by the builder.  

How does it work?

    During construction, builders install polyethene tubing on the interior of 

walls throughout the house. The tubing is designed to distribute the proper

amount of pesticide with an even spray inside the walls when pumped through

the exterior port by a pest control technician. 

How do I find it?

   Typically in-wall tube boxes are located on the sides of the house. Depending on 

the size of the house, there may be one to two different ones. Inside of these

boxes are  the injection ports for the system. Look for a small box 

about 5in by 3in in a rectangle or oval shape along your exterior walls.

How do I use it?

The best way to utilize the system is to hire a professional pest control company to 

ensure that the treatment is done properly. Greenland uses a pressurized pump

system that sprays an even coverage through the interior of your walls. 

How often should it be used?

Treatments should typically take place once every four months. A consistent

treatmentschedule is essential to guarantee that you get the most out of your

system with yearround protection

Utilizing your home's in-wall tube system is a great way to increase the over all pesticide coverage.

If your walls are secure, your home is one step closer to being pest-proof. If you are in need of a

pest control expert to service your home contact us below!   


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