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Lawn Pest Control & Fertilizer  

You may have noticed that the greenest yards in the neighborhood always have a lawn pest control and fertilizer service. Florida yards that are left untreated are susceptible to damage from insects and various other factors. Hiring a lawn pest control service provides your grass with the proper balance of protection and nutrition for a green, healthy lawn. When paired with the correct watering and mowing, even some of the worst lawns can be transformed. Greenland offers a full treatment program that will help your yard look its best all year round. 

   What is included?

Our lawn program includes insect control, lawn fertilizer, weed control, disease, and fungus control. With this treatment, the four of the top factors that contribute to the health the grass are covered. However, for an untreated yard these issues can cause serious damage. 

Insects or fungus can invade and destroy a yard in a matter of months. If these problems appear, a lawn treated by a professional will typically be more resilient and easily repairable. However, without the proper fertilizer and nutrients, the lawn is left weak and susceptible to problems. Because insects, disease, and fungus are so prevalent, an infestation can occur at any time resulting in rapid decline. 


   What insects are covered with lawn pest control?

Insect control for your lawn is essential to prevent various pests from preying on the healthy grass. The most prevalent of these are chinch bugs, sod webworm, fall armyworms, and mole crickets. The lawn pest spray covers all of these harmful pests, as well as other insects that may be a nuisance, such as ants and fleas.

Greenland uses a mix of contact and systemic pesticides to combat these pests. Contact pesticide kills pests that are present in the yard at the time of treatment. However, insects may invade at any moment in between treatments which is why the longer lasting systemic pesticide is necessary. Systemic pesticide is absorbed by the grass and is retained within it for much longer than contact pesticide. This way if an infestation of insects attacks the lawn, the pesticide is ingested by the bugs through the grass.

   What Kind of fertilizer is used?

The process of a lawn fertilizer services is different depending upon the time of year. In the spring and fall granular nitrogen fertilizer is spread on the grass. The fall treatment gives the grass the extra boost of nutrients that it needs to remain healthy through the winter.  In the spring it helps to rebuild the yard from cold damage resulting in a healthy spring lawn. The process that is used for the remainder of the year is lawn fertilizer and pest spray. This grass treatment is twofold as it protects the lawn against pests, while also helping its health and growth. Greenland uses a custom mixture of fertilizers and pesticides depending upon the month to yield the best results from your lawn. When all of these methods are combined together with proper mowing and watering techniques, a healthy yard can be expected. 


It is clear to see that having a lawn pesticide and fertilizer service is essential for green and healthy grass. Greenland has years of expertise in caring for lawns and providing our customers with the best possible results from their yard year after year. Contact us below for a free estimate or go to our homepage to learn more!


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