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How to Control Weeds in your Trinity Lawn

Everyone strives for a healthy green lawn. Unfortunately, the common denominator in all Florida lawns is several types of weeds. While it is impossible to completely eradicate weeds, there are numerous strategies that can be used to minimize the amount.

1 . Have a healthy lawn

2. Take care of weeds in gardens with round up

3. Keep the lawn cut

4. Convince surrounding neighbors to join in

  1. A Healthy Lawn

The most important factor in weed control is to have thick, healthy grass. A thin, unhealthy lawn often will have dead areas where weed seeds can grow. If a lawn is in optimal condition there is very little space for these wild seeds to find a place to sprout. The tight knit St. Augustine blades help to prevent the seeds from ever reaching the soil. To achieve this ideal lawn the proper water must be applied, it must be mowed correctly, and a lawn pest control company must be hired to fertilize and control the weeds.

2. Containing Garden Weeds

As you may have noticed, weeds do not grow exclusively in grass, they grow anywhere they can. Driveway cracks, pool paver cracks, and garden beds are a few hotspots for weeds to spread in. Because of how close in proximity your grass is to these areas, the weeds will develop seeds and spread into the lawn. Using round-up to eliminate weeds in these non-grass areas helps to prevent the spread, giving you that healthy lawn.

3. Cutting the Grass

Regularly cutting your lawn can also play a factor in weed control. An over grown yard almost always comes with one thing, over grown weeds. If they are allowed to grow into maturity, weeds will produce seeds and multiply quickly. However, cutting a lawn regularly also means that the weeds in the lawn are cut. This can help to slow the growth and reproduction process of the weeds.

4. Healthy Surrounding Lawns

One last strategy you can try is to convince your neighbors around you to join in on caring for their lawns. Just as the garden weeds can spread to your lawn, the weeds from immediate neighbors' lawns are always a threat. If you take good care of your lawn and gardens but your neighbor does not, it is always an uphill battle to stop the weeds from invading your lawn. Although it is not always possible, convincing your neighbor to invest in lawn care and fertilization is a great way to prevent weeds in your lawn.

At Greenland Lawn Pest Control we have the services you need to implement these strategies. The lawn program that Greenland has put together produces strong grass that is ready to fight off weeds. Our fertilization, disease, and pest control all work to

keep the lawn green and ready to grow. The custom weed spray we use clears out weed covered areas for this healthy grass to take over. We also offer round up treatments for to eliminate garden weeds. Click below to learn more.

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