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 Pest Control Tarpon Springs

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Greenland Pest Control offers lawn and shrub fertilization, along with indoor pest control in the Tarpon Springs area. To learn more about our services click below, or scroll to read about pest control services in the Tarpon Springs area.

Tarpon Springs is a historic bayside town with many homes located on the water. Although beautiful, this location comes with its own set of challenges for the average homeowner. The tropical climate often produces swarms of mosquitoes, ant colonies, chinch bug infestations, and countless other pests. The average Tarpon Springs lawn may suffer from St. Augustine grass issues such as, fungus, weeds, and lack of water.

Hiring a good pest control company will provide your lawn with protection against pests, the proper fertilization, and provide useful information on how to maintain a healthy lawn.

Greenland offers services to ensure that your lawn stays green and home is pest free. Our lawn program includes year round fertilization, weed control, and pest control. Depending on the season, we customize our fertilizer/pesticide formulas to ensure a healthy lawn. If any problems arise we have the expertise and the products to get the lawn back on track. Click Below for a free quote!

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